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Licensed Massage therapist with over 18 years of experience trained in nine (9) modalities, including reflexology lymphatic drainage myofascial release specializing in pre-post natal massage.

She is sought out by top doctors, birth centers, hospitals, and schools to share her knowledge and expertise. Her talents serve companies including but not limited to the Hyatt, Babies R Us and Whole Foods.

Her passion is to help support families through education in Pre-natal and infant massage.

Coastal Wellness & Fitness is proud to present Traditional Chinese Tui Na Healing Hands Massage by Ren.

Tui Na massage focuses on energetic meridians and acupoints to restore your flow of Qi (energy) and balance your body.

Ren studied this 2500 year old technique in China and has brought this art with him to the US.

He also is also able by request to incorporate cupping and moxibustion into your treatment.

He is pleased to offer his unique massage in Coral Springs. Come and relax and restore your energy with centuries old proven healing!

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