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25 Feb

Why Physical Therapy May Be Beneficial to You

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When you first hear “physical therapy,” you may think to yourself, “why does my body need therapy?” or how whether or not it can really help you. Physical therapy is a rehabilitation method for an injury an individual is trying to recover from. At Coastal Wellness Centers, Dr. Grant Schneider and his team have trained Read more
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16 Jan

What Is the Best Way to Pick Your Physical Therapy Clinic? Coastal Wellness Centers Coral Springs Offers 5 Important Considerations

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Whether it is Sports Rehabilitation, Chiropractic Care, Acupuncture, or some much-needed Physical Therapy, it can be a bit overwhelming for a patient faced with the difficult decision of choosing the best practice to help them personally. Coastal Wellness Centers of Coral Springs wants to help. After all, the best customer is an educated customer, and Read more
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12 Nov

How Can Acupuncture Help With Chronic Pain?

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For over 2500 years, acupuncture has been a holistic healing approach that has relived many individuals of their chronic back pain, muscle pain, and migraines. At Coastal Wellness Centers, Dr. Grant Schneider and his team have trained over the years in numerous methods of body healing techniques to deliver holistic chiropractic care and healing services. Read more