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Choosing a Massage in Coral Springs that is Right for You

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In Florida, everyone wants to feel good, and staying physically active is the key to reaching these goals. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 44% of adults perform at least 300 hours of physical activity per week. 

The problem is that with increases in physical activity, the odds improve of having sore muscles, joints, aches, and pains. In response, massages are a way of reducing pain and helping you to relax. 

Statistics from the National Holistic Institute shows that 88% of respondents believe that getting a massage in Coral Springs is an effective way of reducing pain. 

Not all massages are the same, and regardless of if you are physically active, you can benefit from them. 

The key is to know which one will work the best for you to alleviate pain and help you to feel better. 

Understanding Your Needs

The first thing you need to do is decide who will perform the massage and if the organization matches your beliefs. You want to think about the mood, setting, and location to determine if you feel comfortable going there. 

Next, you want to go to a massage therapist that receives good reviews and know what to do to help you to feel better. One place you can look is on Facebook by reading the reviews of the organization and what their customers are saying. 

The Coastal Wellness Center has a five star rating from customers on Facebook who found our massages effective in treating their aches, pains, and conditions. 

One customer said, Wowzers! I love this place, I’ve had an issue with my left lower back/buttocks area (Piriformis Muscle) that I’ve been trying to correct for a long time, and nothing worked, so I had a friend recommend Coastal Wellness…What an awesome place, the staff, and doctor are wonderful. They listen to my issues, then evaluated my condition, took extra’s right in his office, and they were able to treat me that day and with immediate relief.”


Choosing the Right Massage

One of the most significant areas to focus on is why you are going to receive a message and the benefits.  You should think about factors such as relaxation, muscle tension, joint pain, and healing. Depending on your answer, there are various massages you can choose that will help in making you feel better. 

The Swedish: This massage is popular for sports rehab in Coral Springs and focuses on using oil and different strokes to relax the body. The five most common include 

  • Long strokes
  • Rolling, lifting, and kneading
  • Rocking and shaking movements
  • Circular movements
  • Vibration

These massages are frequently a part of injury recovery to help you to unwind and loosen up. 

Deep tissue: Anyone experiencing knots in specific parts of the body uses these massages to target and go deep into the muscle tissue, joints, and ligaments. Slow strokes focus on the connective tissue moving against the muscle to deal with 

  • Injuries 
  • Chronic pain 
  • Posture issue
  • Strains

Deep tissue massages are effective in treating stress and mobility issues to improve the range of motion. 

The Sports Massage: This massage is a part of sports rehab in Coral Springs to address injuries, performance, and enhance flexibility. The idea is to adjust the soft tissue and relax those muscles that athletes are using. 

The strokes are faster by focusing on pressure points, compression, friction, and the joints. Athletes use the massage before and after going through rigorous workouts or strenuous performance. 

At the Coastal Wellness Center, we can help you find the right massage that reduces tension and improves flexibility. We have a customized program using our years of experience in massage therapy to get you back to normal. 

Choosing the proper massage in Coral Springs requires knowing what you need and the different massages available. You don’t have to go through life in pain; receiving a massage is one way of loosening your body. 

We Can Help

At the Coastal Wellness Center, we have various massages that are customized to help you feel better. Our experience, knowledge, and professionalism make us the number one choice in South Florida. 

Call us today at 954-972-2950 and put our professionalism and caring staff to the test.  We are on West Sample Road next to Wendy’s and diagonally across the street from Checkers.