Is Kinesiotaping Right for Me and Can A Sports Rehab Center Help?

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You probably have seen it while watching sports on TV, or maybe your teammates are beginning to wear colorful tape on their arms and legs. It’s not a new fashion scene, it’s Kinesio tape! Kinesio Tape is a tape geared toward relieving muscle tension and soreness so athletes can perform at their best. Coastal Wellness Center has been offering kinesiotaping as a part of our Sports Rehab program to help student-athletes get back to succeeding on the field without feeling any pain or stress.  


What is Kinesiotaping?

Kinesio tape is a thin, stretchy, and waterproof cotton tape that was invited by a Japanese chiropractor in the 1970’s to give athletes improved movements and range of motion. The tape is similar in thickness to human skin but is also stretchier. Kinesio tape is a non-bulky, non-restrictive treatment to an array of injuries that allow athletes to continue to compete without being weighed down by a brace. The purpose of Kinesiotaping is for the human body’s neuromuscular system to feel less pain and inflammation in order to enhance performance and reduce the chances of a future injury.


How Does it Work?

Dr. Grant Schneider has a special interest in applied Kinesiology and is proficient at Kinesiotaping for sports injuries and rehabilitation. He will look at the athlete’s injury and devise a taping plan to generate the appropriate amount of support to stabilize the affected area. Since the tape is stretchy, it can provide support while also allowing movement to still occur. 


Benefits of Kinesio Tape

In a sports rehabilitation setting, kinesiotaping after a manual manipulation session helps to stabilize the area. It supports muscles, improving the ability the muscles move and reduces the pain felt when performing athletic activity. It also increases the blood flow between the skin and the affected muscle area below. By increasing the blood flow, kinesio tape also stimulates healing, allowing the muscle to heal naturally. Since the tape improves blood flow and muscle support, it also can increase the athlete’s range of motion and improve joint problems. If any muscles are out of alignment, the tape also can be applied with different degrees of tension, helping gently guide the muscles back into correct alignment. 


Who Can Use Kinesio Tape?

Kinesio tape is non-medicinal and non-invasive, therefore, it can be used on anyone. Whether it’s a peewee football player or college soccer star, kinesio tape allows more athletes to perform at their highest level without feeling the inflammation and pain of a previous injury. Furthermore, the tape is made from latex-free elastic fibers and cotton, making it hypoallergenic if that is a concern for parents. Meet with Dr. Schneider to learn more about how kinesiotaping can help you restore your athletic ability and get back to playing the sport you love!


By developing Coastal Wellness Center’s physical therapy program over the last few years, Dr. Schneider has gained a greater understanding of how to successfully remove pain while improving and restoring mobility without the need of surgery. Dr. Schneider has helped rehabilitate both athletes and other active individuals who have sustained trauma and look for a holistic approach to healing and regain their athletic ability. Dr. Schneider owes his continual success to his holistic approach to healing and his drive to remain on the cutting edge of his industry. A true innovator and exceptional skill, the doctor has built a reputation exceeding clients’ expectations.


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With the combination of a total wellness plan created by Dr. Schneider and the skill of expert fitness and physical therapists, you will be on the road to being pain-free quickly. To learn more about kinesiotaping and the other physical therapy treatment options available at Coastal Wellness Center, contact us today by calling (954) 752-2950 to schedule your first appointment. At Coastal Wellness Center, we go above and beyond traditional chiropractic services using an integrative approach to total body healing! We look forward to working with you and helping you restore your athletic drive to perform on the field again. Call us today to get started!