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Relax With a Therapeutic Massage in Coral Springs

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With everything going on the world today, and all of the stresses we’ve been under lately, a therapeutic massage in Coral Springs may be just what the doctor ordered. I think we can all agree that the stresses of daily life and especially our work schedules can be overwhelming sometimes. It’s no wonder that having to worry about our jobs and caring for our families every day coupled with the unrest and divisive climate in our world, life can get to be a bit too much to bear at times. But there is a great way to alleviate this situation, and any underlying physical pain you may be experiencing. If you need a little help to unwind and unburden yourself from all of the days- to- day problems, or if you are in constant pain, visit Coastal Wellness & Fitness and book an appointment for massage therapy. Master Clinical Aesthetician Claudia CCE, CME, is on hand to massage your pain and troubles away. It’s the perfect way to relax and let the cares of the day just melt away. Not to mention massage therapy is not only a special way to help yourself but also a way to boost health and your immune system when done by a licensed massage therapist on a regular basis.

What are some other benefits of massage therapy?

The most obvious benefits to massage therapy are to promote relaxation, help combat stress, and help with pain management. But what are some of the lesser-known benefits of massage therapy that you might be surprised to learn:

  • It helps increase the flow of blood to your muscles. One of the most beneficial results of massage is that it delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. You’ll have more energy to take on everyday tasks.
  • Helps boost your immune system – Massage, when done with regularity, has been shown to improve health and overall well-being by recharging the body’s natural defense system.
  • Helps with pregnancy pain – a special prenatal pregnancy massage done by a licensed massage therapist can soothe tired muscles and alleviate the lower back pain often associated with pregnancy in the later months.

Follow up your adjustment with a massage

Many of our patients, after they’ve had an adjustment at Coastal Wellness & Fitness like to follow it up with a massage to further promote the work that a chiropractic adjustment offers.  At Coastal Wellness & Fitness, we also offer a traditional Chinese Healing Hands Massage by Ren.Tui Na. This massage focuses on energizing meridians and acupoints to restore your flow of Qi (energy) and balance your body. At Coastal Wellness & Fitness, we want you to feel as relaxed as possible. Why not give the gift of a massage or a spa day to that special person in your life. Come in today to enjoy a therapeutic, traditional Chinese massage in Coral Springs. Our goal is to help you rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. If you would like to know more about our spa services, call us today at (954) 752-2950 to schedule a free consultation or massage appointment. One of our experienced medical associates or aestheticians can help you with any concerns or answer any questions you may have about our massages, facials, or skin rejuvenation options.  Along with massage, Coastal Wellness & Fitness offers acupuncture, Cranio-Sacral therapy, lymphatic drainage, weight loss, and nutritional counseling.