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Why Physical Therapy May Be Beneficial to You

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When you first hear “physical therapy,” you may think to yourself, “why does my body need therapy?” or how whether or not it can really help you. Physical therapy is a rehabilitation method for an injury an individual is trying to recover from. At Coastal Wellness Centers, Dr. Grant Schneider and his team have trained over the years to ensure they can deliver quality holistic chiropractic care and healing services. 


The Benefits of Physical Therapy in Coral Springs

Not only does physical therapy give patients the opportunity to heal, but it also helps them to improve their range of motion, recover from tears and strains, and allows them to get back into the real world without pain. When it comes to physical therapy in Coral Springs, you need to meet with someone who can give you a specialized program to fully take advantage of all the benefits of physical therapy. To learn more about why physical therapy may be beneficial to you, continue reading!


Reduces Pain

When going through Dr. Schneider’s physical therapy program, you will be required to perform certain exercises. These exercises are not always super fun and they aren’t super comfortable but they are essential in repairing joint and tissue damage. There are some treatments that physical therapists will perform including ultrasounds, electrical stimulation, and kinesiotaping. All of these elements can aid in restoring bodily functions, relieve pain, and help you to fully recover. 


Improve Your Range of Motion    

If an injury has forced you to have trouble with walking or bending over, then you may need to schedule a consolation to see what physical therapy program is best for you. Dr. Schneider’s physical therapy programs are scientifically designed to not only reduce the pain you feel but also improve your range of motion! To help with this improvement, a Coastal Wellness medical team member may have you perform certain movements, including stretching, strengthening, and putting an individual through a series of light mobility tests. They may also use canes, crutches, and other tools to assist in strengthening the body. When you’re through with a physical therapist, you’ll be feeling more flexible, and healthier than ever before. 



Fun fact: Physical therapy isn’t just for the elderly and it’s not just for people dealing with consistent pain. In fact, a large portion of clients for a physical therapist come from conducting regular every daily activity and playing sports. It’s not uncommon that a client will suffer from a sprained ankle, torn Achilles, or a back injury while doing something simple. Once this happens, people often seek a physical therapist to help them recover from the injury or to help them recover after surgery.


Contact Us Today 

Our physical therapy program is developed from years of experience, the latest techniques, and the best equipment. We have been able to successfully remove pain, improve and restore mobility all without surgery! With the combination of a total wellness plan created by Dr. Schneider and the skill of our physical therapists, you will be on the road to being pain-free in no time. To schedule an appointment, call us today at (954) 752-2950. We look forward to serving you!