13 Oct

Is Kinesiotaping Right for Me and Can A Sports Rehab Center Help?

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You probably have seen it while watching sports on TV, or maybe your teammates are beginning to wear colorful tape on their arms and legs. It’s not a new fashion scene, it’s Kinesio tape! Kinesio Tape is a tape geared toward relieving muscle tension and soreness so athletes can perform at their best. Coastal Wellness Read more
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14 Sep

Here Are the Top Four Benefits of Physical Therapy in Coral Springs

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Physical therapy has been around for ages, and it’s designed to help people with medical conditions, injuries, and illnesses. Most times, people look to physical therapy to help them with their disabilities and to help recover from injuries. Not only does physical therapy give patients the opportunity to heal, but it also helps them to Read more
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25 Jul

3 Ways Massages Can Give Your Workouts a Boost

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Massages are commonly thought of as a way of relaxing, and don’t get us wrong—they certainly are relaxing. However, massages can boost your workouts, making them even better for your body. Our workout culture in the United States is very go, go, go, with little relaxation and recovery. This is great and has given people Read more